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We need your help! PSAS is an all-volunteer group, and there’s tons of stuff to do. So much, that we can’t even list it here! We need everyone, from warm bodies who can help with small tasks, to retired engineers wanting to help mentor the next generation of engineers… even people who want to try their hand at managing volunteer groups and dealing with logistics!

Getting involved is simple! Choose one:

  1. If all you want to do is follow along with what we’re doing, then follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our “Announcements” email list.
  2. If you want to get involved but you’re not local, then contact us and we’ll get you into our meetings via our Google Hangout.
  3. Come to a meeting!!
  4. Look through the issues on GitHub for something you can help with. For example, tasks involving machining.

Coming to a meeting

The best way to get involved is to just show up. Talk to anyone currently in PSAS, and we’ll steer you towards the right person to chat with. We’re a super friendly group, and there are tons of interesting projects to jump into.

We meet almost every Tuesday night at 7:00pm at Portland State University in FAB 86-01. To get details – directions, etc – click on a meeting in Calendar below. This is also the best time to find us on our Google Hangout.

If you want a more formal introduction, we have a big Orientation for New Members meeting at the start of each quarter – usually in January, April, June and October. Search the schedule below for orientation meetings to find the next one. These orientation meetings are great place to start – we’ll give you an overview of the group, our goals, and help you figure out where you can fit in!


If you can’t help directly, but still want to show your support, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation PSAS:

Click Here To Make A Donation

Every little bit helps!