wiki/ LPC2148Software/ eCosSetup

Steps to get the eCos and USB software for the LPC2148 board:

  1. Get git
  2. First, make sure your system has git installed on it. Git is a content tracker similar to CVS or SVN. If you're new to git, check out the git tutorial and everyday git pages.
  3. Checkout the repository
  4. $ git-clone

The reason we need git is because the eCos repository doesn't contain the patch for the LPC2148 board. The "master" branch is the unpatched repository and the "lpc2148" branch contains the patch and current LPC2148 USB code. When the eCos CVS changes, do a CVS import on the master branch (making sure to specify both ecos and ecos-host), then merge the differences into the lpc2148 branch.