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Hybrid Related Links

Other University Hybrids

The University of Arkansas Hybrid Rocket Facility
University of Colorado student hybrid rocket
BYU Unity IV hybrid rocket project
Purdue University Rocket Propulsion and Power Laboratory
University of Illinois "Project Prometheus"
University of Surrey

Stanford Related

Stanford's Aero Fluid Mechanics Lab
Stanford's Hybrid Patent
Paraffin motor test launch
NASA Ames paraffin tests
N20/AL/Paraffin project report
Stanfords Hybrid Rocket Team

Other Paraffin Related

Orbitec's Advanced Vortex Hybrid Propulsion System SBIR

Other Interesting and Handy Stuff

O'Keefe Controls metering orifices assemblies
O'Keefe Controls choked flow tutorial
Tridyne pressurization system - Swiss Propulsion Labs
Luxfer composite paintball cylinders

Hybrid Primers and General Information

ukrocketman hybrid rocket science
Hybrid motor Power Point slide show
Hybriddyne Forum
Aspirespace hybrid tech series